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Welcome to 180 Credit Repair, let us help turn your credit around today!

Getting Approved

Problems getting approved? Making a purchase? Improving your interest rates could save you $1000’s of dollars each year. Having problems getting approved? Let us help get you there.

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Get Educated

What’s on your credit? What makes its better or worse? How do you fix bad credit? When it comes to credit, knowledge is money. Free educational resources for the information you need.

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Restore Your Credit

Blemishes on your report could be costing you more than you think. Don’t let a few bumps in the road get in the way of your future. We can help you clear them up and get back on track

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Credit Repair Tips

The simplest and most effective way to rebuild credit is to pay back money you owe on time, every time. Set up payment reminders with your bank, via email or on your phone. You may also enroll in automatic debits to ensure that you will never miss a payment.
Keeping tabs on your credit will help you make informed decisions with your money and allow you to plan for future expenses. Additionally, credit reports can contain errors that negatively impact your score.

What Our Clients Say

Very pleased with the services I received from 180 Credit Repair. Very professional, was always there for my calls, highly recommend them!
Brad Hurning, Dallas, Texas.
So glad I went with your service. After two months, my scored raised over 60 points and now moving into a new house. Thank you!!!
Karen Tippen, Las Vegas, Nevada.

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